Saturday , 24 February 2018

Crown Heights dairy eatery is reopening under a new entity

By COLlive reporter

Call it a full turn-around – like a bagel.

An eatery in Crown Heights, poorly graded and closed by New York City’s Department of Health and mainly frequented by visiting Israelis, is reopening under a new entity and ownership.

The store that was once Arele’s Bagel will be opening its doors Thursday morning at 333 Kingston Avenue as Holesome Bagels, a posh kosher dairy and bagel restaurant.

True to its new commitment of freshness, the color green was chosen as the dominant one in the redesigned store. The take-out counter and a coffee stand were placed in the entrance with seating in the back.

It is a result of a partnership between local food entrepreneurs – Nati Abukasis of Mendy’s Delicatessen, Yossi Gershowitz of Prime Sandwich and Avraham Sheinberger, former owner of Arele’s Bagel.

After toying with the collaboration idea for a while, Sheinberger came across a letter from the Rebbe where he gives a warm blessing 3 Jewish businessmen who joined forces in a restaurant. was told they will be serving a variety of Hamotzi bagels, pastas, a selection of flavored cream cheeses and butter (pesto, olives and spicy to name a few) and will have a pizza bar.

Rounding out the menu are desserts, freshly squeezed juices and milk shakes. New staff were hired and Abukasis will be the manager as well.

“We want to build a trusting relationship with the customer and therefore we built an open kitchen,” said Gershowitz. “Everyone will be able to see the quality of the food, the cleanliness and how fresh it will be made.”

And yes, the inspectors of the health department will be back to hopefully grade it a coveted “A”.

“We want to bring all locals to this store,” he added, referring to what some will call the “American clientele,” Crown Heights residents.

“If until now people didn’t come because the place wasn’t clean or had a bad name, now there will be no reason not to visit,” Gershowitz said. “They’ll find great food, friendly service and your breakfast scrambled eggs will be made in front of your eyes.”

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