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Tuna Tartare for Passover

Passover Tuna Tartare
Serves 4 main and 8 appetizer

Classic and bright, tuna tartare is a fresh fish presentation. The creaminess of the avocado makes the dish delicious and adds a nice contrast to the flavor and texture of the tuna. The jicama adds a sweet crunchy bite to this light, flavorful and easy to prepare dish.

2 sushi grade tuna steaks
2 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
1 avocado
½ cup jicama, very finely diced
1 pimento chili peppers (roast to peel)

Finely chop tuna steaks. Place in bowl.
Mix in jicama, pimento chili peppers, avocado, olive oil, lemon and salt to taste.
Serve immediately by itself or with plantain or potato chips.

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New Kosher French Restaurant “Chagall Bistro” in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

This week, a new kosher French restaurant has opened in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, Chagall Bistro.

We purchased this restaurant a year ago, fixing it up, and making it a more upscale eatery. Being Jewish and from France, I wanted to open a restaurant with French fare that was kosher. I named the restaurant after the French Jewish painter Chagall, whom my mother, also a painter, loved. We have many (replica) Chagall paintings in the restaurant. I invite all to come and enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

Chagall Bistro is Kosher certified by the OK.

According to

The menu was created by executive chef Jean-Claude Teulade, a veteran of the famed French restaurant La Côte Basque, and reveals a reasonably priced range of entrees from a saffron risotto with diced jalapeños ($18), to a chicken fricasse with mushrooms, duck prosciutto, and fingerling potatoes au jus ($24), to a 14-oz rib eye steak with house-made French fries and a brandy-pepper sauce ($38). The appetizers (e.g., bronzino carpaccio, duck pastilla) and desserts (e.g., orange souffle, creme brulee) are equally enticing.


Reservations: 718.832.9777

Chagall Bistro will be open for dinner Sunday through Thursday only starting at 5 pm, with brunch available on Sundays from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Corruption’s kosher in Italy

February 18, 2013:
In early 70s I have this very distinct memory of being wrapped up in Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather, and my mother leaning over and asking me, ‘How much longer is this?’.

A scene from that readable, almost Shakespearean-like masterpiece I am reminded of these days, is that of Nevada’s Senator Pat Geary turning sinister and corrupt. He insults Michael Corleone, the mafia don of Italian origin and tries to extort money from him saying: “I don’t like your kind of people. I don’t like to see you come out to this clean country with your oily hair, dressed up in those silk suits, passing yourselves off as decent Americans”.

Forty years on, The Godfather endures, its tentacles touching so many levels in our everyday lives.


Last week, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seems to have added ‘oil’ to that general perception by defending the need for bribery in winning contracts for Italy’s multinationals.

Indeed, paying bribes is a crime not only in Italy, but all of Europe and, it is against the law for European companies to use cash to grease the wheels of commerce overseas.

Most European nations, including Italy, are signatory to the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, which makes foreign bribery a crime.

It is a key instrument for curbing the export of corruption globally, because these very countries are responsible for two-thirds of world exports and still more of foreign investment.

Everyone says some countries in of Europe have a debt crisis. But, does it now instead have a morality crisis? Take a look:

In the Transparency International index which measures perceived corruption in a country, Italy ranks 72th, between Brazil and Bulgaria, one of the worst scores among rich Western European nations.

In Italy, there also is evidence of an increase in the number of corrupt exchanges, which do not result in prosecution or, invite fines or punishment.

In the past ten years, the probability that transactions succeed because of graft, right under the eyes of the regulatory agencies, has grown. And since corruption is safer, there is a stronger urge to engage in it. This means corruption is spreading, instead of reducing, in Italy.

It also seems apparent that there is an growing disinterest in Italian media, in exposing corruption at national level.

In the past, there was a sense of shame — a fear of being prosecuted and publicly exposed – which acted as a deterrent for corrupt Italian officials and politicians. There was a fear of legal sanctions, since it implied a public judgment, made in the public sphere – with the possible outcome that reputations would be ruined. This is not the case anymore.

That implies that during the last decade, dishonesty and sleaze in Italy has become more widespread and less hazardous; that efforts to detect and punish it have lost momentum; that in a climate of mistrust and frustration, civic and media attention to it is almost missing.


But, corruption at high levels – especially colossal arms deals — is not restricted to Italy alone. Other European nations, including the United Kingdom, have their share.

Yet another recent scandal concerns the largest defence deal in Austria’s history: the purchase of 15 Eurofighter jets for some €1.5 billion. The sale has been dogged by corruption allegations for years.

It is estimated that around €110 million was transferred from EADS to the accounts of dubious companies.

Two months ago (December 2013) Joerg Schmitt and Gerald Traufetter wrote in Spiegel of Germany – “New Allegations Haunt EADS Fighter Jet Deal”:

“In the corruption scandal surrounding the sale of Eurofighter jets to Austria, more and more information suggests that European defence giant EADS may have played a role in bribery aimed at securing the lucrative contract. The affair has the potential to damage the company’s image and its bottom line”.

The bribe money was purportedly distributed via a complex web of shell companies based on the Isle of Man, a tax haven in the Irish Sea.

Investigations are underway and if doubts are confirmed, European industry will be shaken by yet another bribery scandal, with significant financial risks for the defence giant.

If and when we arrive at the end of the investigations into the Augusta Westland Chopper deal, all masquerades will be off to reveal how disconnected the elite are from reality, in the bizarre world of shady arms deals.

Keywords: Silvio Berlusconi, bribery in winning contracts, Italy’s multinationals, Transparency International, corruption and bribery, defence contracts

Upscale Shopping Comes Around to Crown Heights

Another kosher supermarket is joining the upscale shopping experience offered to New York area Jews – but this one is closer to home.

Opening Tuesday will be the new Crown Heights food destination, The Market Place Supermarket, located on the corner of Kingston and East New York Avenues.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were invested to build a state-of-the-art store that is promising to bring quality and variety offered until now only outside the neighborhood.

Owner Itsik Benabou was seen Monday overseeing the buzzing activity of dozens of employees, department managers and food distributors hard at work stocking the shelves.

“This is something Crown Heights has never seen,” said the store manager Shloimy Gelbstein while giving COLlive an exclusive preview tour of the supermarket.

Walking through the wide and well lit aisles, Gelbstein said there will be an emphasis on fresh and specialty items.

The produce department, for example, carries “the finest produce and has an automatic sprinkler system to keep it all fresh,” he said.

Glick’s Bakery, which runs a department in Benabou’s nearby Empire Kosher supermarket, has a fully operational kitchen here, where all goods are prepared and baked on site.

With Chanukah coming up, the addictive scent of freshly baked doughnuts is expected to fill the store in the coming week.

Competing with that smell will be the in-house catering which boasts a cutting-edge kitchen, capable of catering small or large events.

The kitchen staff will also be responsible for stocking the store’s shelves with meats, poultry and take-out, including deli and salads.

Also in-house will be the sushi department, labeled “26 Rolls,” where a sushi chef will prepare gourmet and exotic sushi rolls to order.

A parking lot is planned for across the street in the near future.

Benabou, who is relying on Gelbstein for running the day to day operation, said he has been preparing for the opening day for 3 years now.

His Kol Tuv Grocery on Kingston Avenue is expected to continue its activity and his Empire Kosher Supermarket will now be a more affordable venue.

The Market Place Crown Heights opens for the first time tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 2:00 pm.

N.J. kosher cheese company bidding for recovery after Sandy

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (JTA) — A flooded warehouse, decomposed wall beams, sodden sheetrock, crumbling brick walls, a fried electrical system and about $2 million worth of rotten cheese waiting to be chucked: That’s only a glimpse of the woes facing Brigitte Mizrahi.

Mizrahi owns Anderson International Foods, a small kosher cheese company she founded in 1995, and her warehouse is located in an industrial area of Jersey City about a mile from the Hudson River waterfront. Although the facility isn’t in the designated flood zone, it was under four feet of water soon after superstorm Sandy blew through town two weeks ago.

“The only reason why I look calm is because I’ve already had time to decompress,” said the petite native of France while standing outside what was once her office.

“It was such a beautiful building. The roof over here blew off, it’s pretty much gone, and all that used to be brick,” she adds, pointing to a wall with a mound of brick rubble piled high.

More than two weeks after the worst storm to hit the northeastern United States in memory, life has returned to normal for most of the millions of residents in the storm’s path. Still, thousands remain without power. And for those with homes and businesses that took the brunt of Sandy’s beating, the cleanup and restoration work is just beginning.

Inside the AIF warehouse, a team of workers from a recovery company is working on repairs. Three men in masks are power washing the floors with bleach and sanitation solution to get rid of the dirty residue from the floodwater, attempting to restore the facility to the pristine cleanliness required of a commercial dairy.

Out front, a Dumpster teems with removed sheetrock and beams. The walls must be completely redone, ensuring that employees won’t become sick from inhaling mold or mildew. A pile of computers, printers, fax machines, desks, chairs and wires is stacked to the left, boxes of the company’s paperwork are stacked to the right. Two forklifts with blown electrical systems droop in the corner waiting to be trashed.

“This is organized!” says project manager Yehuda Maimon. “You should have seen it after the storm. Pitch black, everything everywhere; it was terrifying. No one thought it was going to be this bad.”

Still, those piles at the front look minimal compared to the boxes of wasted cheese that stretch across and down the rest of the warehouse.

AIF sells cheese under three labels: Natural and Kosher, les Petites Fermieres and Organic Kosher. The company takes shipments from producers in California, Wisconsin and Israel, and distributes to stores across the United States as well as Mexico, Australia and Canada. But lacking power for two weeks, the company has been forced to write off an entire batch of inventory.

“The cheese must be stored at a temperature of 33 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit to be edible,” says Omer Wienrib, AIF’s vice president of operations. “Once we lost electricity, there was no chance to save any of it.”

Standing inside an industrial-size refrigerator packed with some 100,000 boxes of cheese, Weinrib places his hand on a combo pack of fancy cheeses that should be on its way to Costco stores in Mexico. Some of the product is still cold, even though the air has the familiar stench of sweaty feet.

“Even though it’s cold out, it’s too much of a risk to be selling the cheese,” he says. “This is what people eat. We can’t mess with that.”

The cost of AIF’s devastation is significant. Mizrachi estimates the loss of her inventory alone could be as much as $2 million, with the building repairs nearly twice that figure.

Still, AIF presses on: It has received a new shipment of cheese, using several generators to power the refrigerated rooms, and their 20 employees are working full time on regular salary.

“We barely missed any days,” Maimon said. “We have a makeshift office in Brigitte’s apartment living room and we are getting right back on our feet.”

“Of course, we have some coffee, tea and candy,” Mizrahi adds. “Some nice Jewish hospitality to get through all this.”

For AIF, the storm could hardly have come at a worse time.

Kosherfest, the world’s largest kosher food trade show and perhaps AIF’s most important marketing event of the year, is being held Tuesday and Wednesday in New Jersey. The members of Mizrahi’s team have been working around the clock to ensure that they have everything under control and promise their table will impress.

Meanwhile, the company is dealing with insurance assessors and hoping that government relief assistance will help cover the costs of rebuilding. For now, though, the price of rebuilding is being paid from company coffers.

“We don’t really know exactly what we will get back because you never know with insurance,” Weinrib said. “But if we have to, we’ll pay for repairs and move on. This can be a fresh beginning for all of us hit by this hurricane.

Crown Heights dairy eatery is reopening under a new entity

By COLlive reporter

Call it a full turn-around – like a bagel.

An eatery in Crown Heights, poorly graded and closed by New York City’s Department of Health and mainly frequented by visiting Israelis, is reopening under a new entity and ownership.

The store that was once Arele’s Bagel will be opening its doors Thursday morning at 333 Kingston Avenue as Holesome Bagels, a posh kosher dairy and bagel restaurant.

True to its new commitment of freshness, the color green was chosen as the dominant one in the redesigned store. The take-out counter and a coffee stand were placed in the entrance with seating in the back.

It is a result of a partnership between local food entrepreneurs – Nati Abukasis of Mendy’s Delicatessen, Yossi Gershowitz of Prime Sandwich and Avraham Sheinberger, former owner of Arele’s Bagel.

After toying with the collaboration idea for a while, Sheinberger came across a letter from the Rebbe where he gives a warm blessing 3 Jewish businessmen who joined forces in a restaurant. was told they will be serving a variety of Hamotzi bagels, pastas, a selection of flavored cream cheeses and butter (pesto, olives and spicy to name a few) and will have a pizza bar.

Rounding out the menu are desserts, freshly squeezed juices and milk shakes. New staff were hired and Abukasis will be the manager as well.

“We want to build a trusting relationship with the customer and therefore we built an open kitchen,” said Gershowitz. “Everyone will be able to see the quality of the food, the cleanliness and how fresh it will be made.”

And yes, the inspectors of the health department will be back to hopefully grade it a coveted “A”.

“We want to bring all locals to this store,” he added, referring to what some will call the “American clientele,” Crown Heights residents.

“If until now people didn’t come because the place wasn’t clean or had a bad name, now there will be no reason not to visit,” Gershowitz said. “They’ll find great food, friendly service and your breakfast scrambled eggs will be made in front of your eyes.”

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Kosher News CLUBHOUSE CAFE IN Manhattan Closed

Kosher News CLUBHOUSE CAFE IN Manhattan Closed

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