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Where to find kosher restaurants

Although kosher food is getting popular it might still be a challenge to find Kosher food and restaurants. In case you happen to live in a city with large Jewish population, then of course you will not face any problem finding a big range of good Kosher restaurants. But incase if you are in a new place where there are no Jews and no one has even heard of Kosher, then you my have a tough time finding an authentic kosher restaurant.
There are certain big metro cities all across the world where the Jewish population stays in large numbers and has already left a big impact on the food and culture around. A very good example is New York, with large Jewish community as well other blend of cultures. While here you will have no problem finding a good Kosher restaurant. But with the rising popularity of Kosher foods, you will find Kosher restaurants springing up even with hardly any Jewish people or community living there.
Even with the above information, one can never be very sure if the food served in many popular Kosher restaurants is really authentic. Therefore you need to consult your own knowledgeable Orthodox Rabbi for precise instructions before purchasing from an unverified establishment. Getting Kosher food while traveling may also offer many challenges.

Jewish Stores getting popular

If you take a look at Jewish life, we will find that it is filled with holidays, celebrations and year-round commemorations. There is always something to look forward to, such as births, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs. Therefore, you will always find Jewish people looking to buy something on every occasion and head for the Jewish stores. There is always something to prepare whether it is food or any other item buying gifts. Each celebration and holiday, there is a special meaning and you will Jewish stores filled with people and doing brisk business.
Depending on the occasion and demand, you will find requirements for Chanukah candles, Succahs, Purim baskets etc. If there is a wedding, you will find people buying ketubahs, and the Bar-mitzvah boys receiving tefillin. Some gifts are needed the whole year round and you will find the Jewish stores selling these in plenty like, kippahs, mezuzahs. Shabbos candlesticks, kiddush cups and challah boards. Many items are needed daily like Jewish cookbooks, tallesim and sefarim. You will find books about Jewish life and philosophy in almost every home.
It is no wonder that Jewish stores in major metropolitan areas are in plenty. Many of these stores have gone online too and one can buy all these items online. Some of the most popular items sold at these online Jewish stores are Jewish-themed books, artwork, music tefillin bags, kippot and other necessities.

kosher Food in New York

Eating food in New York has redefined the concept of Asian & American dining, which is turning a popular dining destination of choice for most. When it comes to great food, eating in New York will not disappoint you. You get constant new surprises in this true paradise of blends of different cultures, tastes and foods. There is multitude of herbs and ingredients used in food in New York, thus catering to the different gastronomical desires of its denizens.
In US, particularly in California and New York, you will find people from Middle East, China, Europe as well as Israel. In New York particularly, you will find a large concentration of Jews, Asian, Chinese and Japanese living in New York and it is no surprise to see the community spreading its cultures, values and food about. So, it was only natural to see Jewish, Japanese, Asian and Chinese food getting popular. May be people love experimenting and want to have the best of both worlds. Now enjoy food in New York prepared and served according to the dietary laws but carrying the flavors of China, Asia and Japan. Enjoy appetizers, noodles, soups, rice, vegetables, chicken and beef as well as some specialty dishes. You will come across plenty of good Japanese and Italian restaurants in the world’s famous metro cities like New York.

what foods are kosher

What foods are kosher? Well, any food that is prepared according to the Jewish Dietary Laws is known as kosher food. Any kosher food prepared or mixed with a non kosher food is no longer kosher. For instance, if you use food coloring derived from a shellfish in a kosher cake, it will now be considered as non-kosher.

Today, Jews live in different parts of world and one can easily see the influence and domination of Jewish food in some parts of the world. But the Jewish definition of Kosher food have changed with time. As there are different Jewish cultures and branches within Judaism, the Jewish Dietary Laws may vary from place to place and can be liberal to being conservative.
Health-conscious people purchase kosher food because they believe it to be healthier and safer because of the extra supervision. There are different reasons that spark interest in what foods are kosher and could relate to health, religion, and cultural reason. s. The term ‘kosher’ has even got a place in American slang and means proper or appropriate. /you will often hear people saying that “it is not kosher” instead of “it is not right”.
Kosher laws are rather widespread. One for example, cud-chewing mammals are kosher, like sheep, goats, deer, while rabbit and pig are not. Only certain birds are looked upon as kosher and the list includes duck, chicken, turkey and goose.

New York city restaurants

The impact of immigration patterns in US can be easily seen in the food offered in the restaurants. Therefore don’t be surprised to see a sushi restaurant among the best kosher restaurants in some areas. Neighborhoods surrounding California and New York have been descended upon by Asian immigrants along with Jewish Americans. The large Asian and Jewish populations are perhaps responsible for some famous cross over of food. Kosher is one such product of such influences and blends of tastes and its influence can be easily seen in the New York city restaurants.
People are experimenting with American, Jewish, Chinese and Japanese food, blending ingredients and tastes. Go to any of the New York city restaurants and you can find the blend of cultures and foods, offering striking new inventions. These food preparations are partly American and partly Japanese or Kosher. Multi-cultural food laboratories are churning out a new tastes and innovations and are doing brisk business. It seems Kosher and Asian cuisine goes well together and tickles the taste buds the right way. Because of the mutual understanding of different cultures and tastes, many New York City restaurants are offering different and unique cuisine and are considered popular spots are today. They are considered to be most inventive and the best New York city restaurants in some areas.

Kosher restaurants

Serving food as per Jewish dietary laws, kosher restaurants will serve pizzerias, cafés, fast food and cafeterias. You will come across kosher bakeries, caterers, butchers and kosher Chinese as well as kosher sushi food. These establishments work under rabbinical supervision and observe certain other Jewish laws. And if under Jewish ownership, these locations must be closed during Jewish holidays and during Shabbat.

You will come across dairy or meat foods at such locations but at some Kosher restaurants, you will find even delicatessens served. Some of these restaurants may specialize in a particular kind of food and also offer different popular foods among Jews.
You will find Pizza a common and well liked food served at these kosher restaurants, but then there are kosher pizza shops that usually serve Middle Eastern cuisine, like falafel, bagels with cream cheese and other foods such as fish. Salads may also be served.

New York City has the maximum number of kosher restaurants in US and in Canada, you will find Toronto having the most restaurants. You will even find Kosher Chinese restaurants too getting popular. In smaller cities, with lesser Jewish populations, you will find kosher dining limited to just a single establishment. Jewish people often get ready-made kosher meals that may be difficult to get otherwise.

New Kosher Cafe Opens At JCC Of Mid-Westchester

Jerusalem West Café is the new kosher cafe and caterer located in the JCC Mid-Westchester in Scarsdale.

Stop in for pizza, salads, and delicious dairy delights. They also do take out, business lunches and dinners, kiddushes, brises, and party needs by calling (201) 832 0870.

Kosher supervision by the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The cafe is operated by Elliot Rosenfeld.

Jerusalem West Café has been open about three weeks. The cafe’s hours are:

Monday to Thursday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday – closed

Sunday – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Purim’s story of Esther still resonates for Jews today

Today is Purim, the Jewish holiday rooted in the Book of Esther that recalls a failed Persian plot to exterminate the Jews.

Described by some as part- Mardi-Gras-part-Halloween, the holiday is celebrated by eating and drinking, notably, the triangular fruit pastry known as hamentaschen; costumed children re-enacting the stories of Esther; and the imbibing of alcohol, at times in excess to the dismay of some.

By the way, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave President Barack Obama a copy of the Book of Esther during a visit this week in which the two discussed the tension with Iran. No small symbolism there.

And, we’re a little late on this one, but the annual scholarly debate on the merits of latkes (the traditional Hannukah food) vs. hamentashen was held this year in February at MIT. (A thanks for that, to my colleague Dan Bice, who recalled it from his days at the University of Chicago, where it debuted in 1946.)

Judge’s order puts Orthodox Jewish basketball team back in semifinal game

An Orthodox Jewish school in Texas has been reinstated to its state basketball tournament following a judge’s order to reschedule the game so it doesn’t conflict with the Sabbath.
The Houston-based Beren Academy Stars stormed into the semifinals of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools’ 2A tournament and was set to tip off against Dallas Covenant at 9 p.m. Friday. Beren players, however, observe the Sabbath between Friday evening and Saturday evening and will not play basketball during those hours, coach Chris Cole told

Feb. 28, 2012: Roni Buchine, 14, practices with the Beren Academy boys’ basketball team in Houston.
Should boys basketball team lose playoff hopes over issue of faith?

“We’re excited that we get to play,” Cole said Thursday when reached by phone. “We feel like it’s something that our kids have earned.”
Cole said he was disappointed that it took a judge’s order to switch the game time, but feels the right outcome has been reached. The team will hold a closed practice tonight.
“We just really want to get back our focus and get ready for the game,” he said. “We’ll be ready.”
TAPPS officials had rejected appeals from Beren to reschedule that game, but a group of parents with boys on the team subsequently sued the organization. A judge on Thursday now issued a temporary restraining order requiring the agency to reschedule the game.
TAPPS director Ed Burleson told on Thursday that the association will honor the restraining order and allow Beren to play 2 p.m. Friday. An exact location had yet to be determined, he said.
In a statement to, officials at Kerrville Our Lady of the HillsHigh School — which was to play in Beren’s absence — said they support the scheduling change.
“As Beren Academy expressed support for us playing in their stead, we share our support of them in their earned Semi-Final game,” the statement read. “Good Luck Stars!”
Cole told on Wednesday that he was hopeful a last-minute compromise could be reached.
“We know that every day gets later and later, but we feel like things could be changed,” Cole said. “We operate in a world of sports where things do change — the Daytona 500 was changed, so things are possible. It’s an inconvenience, we know that, but it’s really a matter of desire to want to do it. That’s what it comes down to.”

News, Jerusalem Cafe to Open in Manhattan

Jerusalem Cafe will offer salads, wraps, sushi, pizza and more. Jerusalem Cafe was opened by the owners of J2 Kosher Pizza

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