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New Kosher pizza in midtown nyc bravo kosher pizza

bravo kosher pizza Just opened up in Midtown on Broadway and 37st they are kosher under the ok

We want to share our family’s passion for pizza with you. We bring you authentic pizzeria pizza made from the finest ingredients: fresh basil, olive oil, San Marzano ripe tomatoes & fresh mozzarella. Our pastas are homemade. We hope that you will enjoy the quality and great taste of our food as much as the family does.
In 1985, we created our original recipe and opened a small pizza shop. When our pizza got rave reviews we expanded. As our customers keep coming back for more and spreading the word to others, we continue to grow. We hope that you will enjoy our pizza and grow with our family.

If you can’t make it to us – no problem -we’ll come to you! Click on the Order Online tab above and we’ll delivery right to your home or office. And be sure to make use of our advance order feature to ensure that your food is delivered or ready for pick up exactly when you want it.

Mangia! Enjoy!

For Kosher Restaurants visit shmoogle

What about kosher chicken

What is a kosher chicken? Well, kosher term is associated with food compliant with Jewish laws and there are certain laws associated with how the animals are slaughtered. One of the foremost principles of being an orthodox Jew is to eat kosher food. In fact, on a BBC reality game show, The Apprentice, the losing team was even penalized for not getting a kosher chicken. What they had bought was definitely not kosher.

A new kosher spot called PrimeKo  just opened

To make sure that the chicken is kosher, you need to make sure that the ritual slaughter or shechita must occur according to strict Jewish laws and only by a certified shochet. The knife used should be very sharp and kill the bird with one cut across its neck. This is believed to minimize the pain and the dies swiftly and bleeds to death.

Kosher chicken means that the bird has been slaughtered in the ritual Jewish halachic way.

Kosh in stamfrod ct has great kosher chicken

Dougies BBQ in great neck


Kosher Sushi – A Delicacy

Well, is there something like kosher sushi? Well, of course, sushi can be kosher, provided the chefs have followed the rules of Jewish cooking and used only kosher instruments to cut the fish. One of the best ways to find and enjoy Kosher Sushi is to head for a kosher supermarket or to a kosher sushi restaurant. Whether you are throwing a complementary lunch for your staff or meeting someone at an important business lunch, ordering the fresh and delicious Kosher Sushi is the best way to have a great dining pleasure. The food is not only healthy but low on costs too.

It is common to see cultural lines crossing culinary tastes and multi-cultural food laboratories opening up. Kosher Sushi is a very good example. Offering new inventions, that is partly Jewish and partly Japanese, many sushi restaurants are opening up with good example of understanding of these two cultures. It is the cohesion of a variety of these two cultures that make the most popular and inventive dishes. You will come across many Asian restaurants in famous places like New York or California where you can easy sample culinary delights of Kosher cuisine and Japanese cuisine. Go ahead and taste the fusion of the kosher culture with the sushi culture on a common ground in some great restaurants in the world.

Here is a list of some sushi places

Sushi Spot

The delicious Kosher Chinese food

If you have ever been to a kosher restaurants or tried kosher food, you must be aware of the multitude of herbs included in kosher preparations. What makes Kosher Chinese food different form others is the way these herbs, seasonings and flavoring is used by skilled cooks to make kosher good. The distinct Chinese flavors are apparent in the kosher food with tinge of soy sauce, flavors of ginger and garlic. If you are interested in making Kosher Chinese food, then you need to stock your pantry with a few necessary Chinese ingredients to produce the best results.

The chef preparing Kosher Chinese food not only has to bear the pressure of making delicious meals but also see to it that the meals are prepared using Chinese ingredients but according to Jewish dietary laws. And it may need many years of training to be able to cook well and follow the right balance of ingredients. The right ingredients and the right balance are important for good taste. However, one needs to keep in mind that not all ingredients are used to prepare kosher food. It will need years of experience and skills to know which ingredients will taste best to prepare the Kosher Chinese food and which ingredient combination will not work.