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Gourmet Kosher Thai restaurant opens in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Thai Kosher Kitchen is a gourmet Thai restaurant providing a unique combination of

Gourmet Thai cooking and Kashrus (Jewish dietary law).
The restaurant is located at 9036 Burton Way Beverly Hills CA 90211. 310-288-2182 Directly across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel.

The Founders, husband and wife Deo and Omni PJ. Melvin stated; “Beverly Hills Thai Kosher Kitchen is the answer to an increasing demand for healthy, unique and diverse Kosher restaurants”.

“We have combined value pricing with a high-quality hand-crafted, hand-picked ingredients under the highly-regarded supervision of Rabbinical Council of California”, says partner Dieo former Manager of Chan Dara in West LA.

“In today’s highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one restaurant concept from another.’ Unlike a typical Thai restaurant Beverly Hills Thai does this by being the only Thai Kosher Kitchen that features meat, fish & vegetarian dishes in Beverly Hills.”

“Our ingredients are fresh and prepared daily on our premises. Our talented Chef seasons our food to perfection in-house to ensure the properness in compliances to kosher dietary regulations yet still offer amazing Thai gourmet dishes.”

Beverly Hills Thai Kosher Kitchen has an authentic and innovative menu combined with mid-scale pricing. We welcome neighbors who are kosher and non-kosher to bring family and friends to dine and socialize in a sophisticated-casual atmosphere in a historical building

Kosher Pizza In New York

New York is famed for a number of reasons, and Kosher food is one of them. It is really these kosher snacks and kosher pizza that are loved by people all around the world. Go ahead and satisfy your hunger pangs with delicious kosher pizzas. The chefs here prepare the most amazing varieties of pizza, soups, pastas and fresh calzone. You will find plenty of other Israeli foods like babaganoush, hummus and falafel. All these snacks are made in as per the traditional Jewish diet laws.
You can pick from an amazing variety for the toppings to go with the kosher pizza, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Olive, Onion, Garlic, Peppadew, Jalapeno, Basil, Eggplant, Broccoli, Pineapple along with extra cheese. There are special Mexican pizzas with Jalapeno, Beans, Tomato and Onion.

Pizza Time on ave J has some great pizza

Ask anyone living in New York where to get kosher pizza and you will be directed to the restaurants within minutes. Generally, New Yorkians have the name of their favorite the kosher restaurant on the tip of their tongue. If you happen to be in New York or have just moved to the area, then you are surely going to love kosher restaurants and kosher pizza. You will soon realize why the city is known as the world’s best cities for kosher restaurants.

Dagan Kosher Pizza is one of the best pizza shops in brooklyn, Dagan pizza has some great reviews

New Jewish site

new jewish site called shmoogle

Jewish people

The Jewish people belong to a very ancient community that was expelled fromIsrael by the Romans. They carry a strong sense of being holy people entrusted by god to carry out a special moral mission for mankind. The Jewish community believes in a single all-powerful God for the whole mankind. Their doctrine and philosophy is based on the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament.

Most central and eastern European Jews were known as Ashkenazim. Before the 20th century, they were inhabitants of Russian Empire, Rumania, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary etc. they chiefly spoke Yiddish and followed the traditional Jewish values and way of life. During the 17th and 18th century, Jews fled from poverty and oppression in the Tsarist Russia., trying to reach US and other countries. But soon, restrictions were placed to limit the immigrations of Jews and soon the Jewish people found themselves faced with sealed borders throughout most parts of the world.

The delicious Kosher pizza

Biting your teeth into a Kosher pizza is a great way to satiate those hunger pangs. Kosher Snacks are world famous and Kosher pizza is among the tops hits in the menu. Made according to the traditional Jewish diet norms, all the delicacies and items on the Kosher foods are delicious and on low calorie diet. No wonder, health conscious people are always looking for kosher foods including the kosher pizza.

New Yorkis one such city n the world, that is famous the world over for its kosher restaurants. This is probably because one will find a big community of Jews living inNew York. Therefore it is not a surprise to see the cultures, traditions and foods of Kosher spreading in New Yorkand attracting both local and tourists. Orthodox Jews are believed to eat kosher foods. But today they are immensely popular with everyone.

Kosher pizzas are available in most restaurants and are extremely popular. Made with fresh ingredients, herbs, sauces and toppings, you will find these pizzas high on nutrition and taste. Many people rave about these Kosher pizzas and their incredible toppings with a huge variety and rich flavors.

Jewish World

You will come across quite a few Jewish words in the Bible such as hosanna, amen and hallelujah. Even some names that are commonly used today like Miriam, David, Joseph, Rebecca, Daniel can be traced back to the Biblical origin. But some typical world like Yiddish, schlemiel, chutzpah belongs to the Hebrew vocabulary.

Many English speakers and those researching on the English language discover fake relationships between the English words and the Jewish words, even if they seem look alike. Still, much confusion arises while one is trying to learn the Hebrew language. As you go about learning the Jewish language, you will find that the verbs being used n a different way. The masculine pronouns often replace the feminine pronouns when using the Jewish words and language in an informal way. Moreover, the Hebrew language is written from right to left, and without having any vowel sound representation.

The paradigmatic Jewish word or language, used for day-to-day talk and communicating to fellow Jews is reserved for Lashon Hakkodesh, which is the sacred tongue of Hebrew. Full of vigor and hope, it can be sarcastic at times. You can clearly sense the suffering of Jew s as well as hope and faith for their future.

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